Complete 50 miles IN TOTAL during April and May - the distance of the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim

Choose to run a distance of 50 miles IN TOTAL during the months of April and May. Complete the challenge at your pace, in your time. This is to ensure that you have an opportunity to take part in our virtual challenge without exhausting your body and to promote health and well-being, both mental and physical, in light of changes to everyone's routine. Stay, active, GET FIT AND BE A WINNER. 

Walking is allowed too should you wish to walk, run or mix both activities. Once you have covered 50 miles send us your .jpeg (following instructions on sign up) from your tracking app/device as proof and we will ship out your awesome medal and certificate. Our medal design team have again created an awesome medal, 70mm with a bronze finish to celebrate your achievement.

Unique Limited Edition Medal

Unique Limited Edition Medal

Unique Limited Edition Medal


70mm bronze finish. Awesome medal to celebrate your 50 miles achievement.

The Virtual Route

Unique Limited Edition Medal

Unique Limited Edition Medal


Click on the map to see the virtual route in detail.

taking on the virtual grand canyon challenge


In light of COVID-19 we are are changing our future challenges temporarily. You therefore have TWO WHOLE months to complete 50 miles IN TOTAL. This is to ensure you have adequate time to rest, recover and take part in regular activity, with a focus on your health. We have also made our challenges more accessible in light of this - reducing 

price to £10 UK (£20 outside UK) and also encouraging more people to complete a virtual marathon, by allowing people to complete it in their own time, over two months.




Your health is number 1 - always. We care about people being healthy and want you to be happy, active and that was our mission - it's the foundation of what we do.

With concerns over the COVID-19 and the impact on your health, we would like to summarise the following guidance from the article below (click on the link below to read in full).

▪ Is it safe to run outside?
Yes—in fact, it’s safer to be outside than inside when it comes to disease transmission. When people congregate together and someone sneezes or coughs, droplets get onto objects that people touch, and then people touch their face. However, if you are in a region or zone which is in lockdown or has restricted outdoor activities, please follow the guidance and procedures in place within your region.
▪ Getting in 30 to 60 minutes of moderate to brisk activity can HELP your immune system keep viruses at bay. Exercise at a moderate level can boost your immune system. HOWEVER, if you do feel sick or unwell, DO NOT EXERCISE, LET YOUR BODY RECOVER...YOUR HEALTH MATTERS.
▪ Getting out on your own, on a trail, if possible, will help clear your mind and is great for your mental health. Take adequate self-care and make time for things you enjoy. A brisk walk, or easy jog can work wonders. Most countries are stating that people should be following 'social distancing', so it is not suggested to run in large groups. With this in mind, isolated runs and walks can be shared with your friends and groups on social media. Let's use it to show we care about each other. Use our strava club to GIVE PEOPLE KUDOS ON THEIR ACTIVITY, leave them a comment. It doesn't take much to say 'WELL DONE' and it will really make someone feel positive. We are part of an online community - spread positivity! #teamfitwins - you're part of a team! Some people who #teamfitwins can win prizes (vests, technical tops and hats!) - yes, we do check this.
▪ There is a very strong connection between regular exercise and a strong immune system. However, we suggest avoiding hard, intense sessions (long, hard, fast runs) during this time, and recommend exercising at a MODERATE level to ensure that you feel strong and do not 'run down' or deplete your body's energy stores. Your health comes first!
▪ Finally, we would like to explain that we will be making the proposed Great Rift Valley Challenge, starting in April a TWO-MONTH challenge, so entrants will have two months to cover their choice of distance, starting from 25 miles to 200 miles. This will allow people adequate time to self-isolate if they need to for the required time, and still take part in a challenge. Entry will open next Monday (23rd March). Regarding our loyalty vest scheme, those of you who have been with us since August 2019 (our beginning) will now be looking forward to getting your vest in September/October 2020, if you complete 12 consecutive challenges.
▪ Take care of yourself, drink well, eat well and make sure you give yourself time to read a good book, watch a happy film, and try not to get swept away by all the negativity flooding us on the media.



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