Our next challenge starts in September 2019. You will have 1 month to complete 50 miles/100 miles

  Entry to the challenge is £14 for a winner's pack entry, consisting of a unique, bespoke medal, certificate and nutritional products from our partners (energy/protein bar and Revvies energy strips), and £22 for winner's pack plus high-quality technical running top. All prices are inclusive of postage with no additional charges.  In addition, one person who completes the challenge will win a £100 Nike Gift Card and five people will win a £20 Nike Gift Card. See below for further information on our winners packs and our Nike Gift Card promotion.



All challenge entrants who complete the minimum 50 miles in September will be entered into our Nike promotional draw, consisting of the following prizes: 1 x £100 Nike Gift Voucher, 5 x £20 Nike Gift Voucher valid at any Nike outlet or to be used online at the Nike online store. 

The draw will be streamed live at 8pm on 1st October and all entrants who complete the minimum of 50 miles during the month of September will be entered into a random promotional draw, using software approved by MIT. 


We have been given approval to run this promotion having fulfilled the obligations of relevant UK law and are compliant with the requirements of UK legislation regarding the use of promotional draws. All entrants who  pay entry and complete the challenge will receive a bespoke, high-quality medal, certificates and additional prizes.

INTERNATIONAL ENTRANTS will receive a Nike voucher in their country's currency at the relevant rate of exchange and will receive vouchers in USD, Euro, AUD and additional currency as requested.


Unique medals


All medals have a special 50 mile (R2R2R 50 miles) or 100 mile (R2R2R2R2R 100 mile) ribbon to show the distance you achieve during the challenge.

Our virtual route


The challenge is based on the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim (R2R2R) route. Here is Rob@Fitwins running the route.

the challenge

You choose to run the famous Rim to Rim to Rim (R2R2R) distance of 50 miles or do double (100 miles). This virtual challenge is based on one of the world's most famous running routes - running the Grand Canyon. You choose during the month how far you wish to run. We have awesome 50 mile and 100 mile medals. If you are feeling great and intend to do 100 miles, that's fine. If 50 is a realistic target and you can achieve that, that's fine too. You simply send us a .jpeg and submit evidence to verification@fitwins, as explained here.

You can read why many runners are obsessed with the challenge of running the Grand Canyon here.

Rob@Fitwins is in the video on the right and recently ran the route in one day. We will be including more footage of Rob's run on our Youtube Channel.

Virtual challenges? What are they? We select a distance and link to a global location - a virtual route. We select different challenges each month and design a bespoke, limited edition medal. All medals will reflect our challenge selection, are unique, and will be a great addition to your medal collection. Our challenges.

Fun fact: The Battle of Marathon involved a runner called Pheidippides running from Marathon to Athens to deliver news of a Greek victory over an invading Persian army. Lots of people run marathons in places all over the world and dedicate themselves to running a marathon (which is based on the distance from Marathon to Athens). You don't need to be in Marathon, Greece to run one.

Similarly, for our challenges, whether you complete the distance on the treadmill, use your local running route, or walk the distance with friends...we don't mind. We'll send you your awesome 'Grand Canyon' medal when you've done it.

It's awesome...just like you!




We have lots of unique virtual challenges based on real global running routes. Win awesome medals and promotional prizes.