how it works

Step 1

Enter the monthly challenge. Sign up to win an awesome medal, certificate and additional goodies. 

Step 2

Record your running/walking activities on your fitness tracker. Make sure you complete the challenge within a month. Our expert guidance will help you stay fit, healthy and positive as you work towards completing the challenge. You can also sign up for free to our running club at 

but you don't have to. 

Step 3

When you have completed the monthly challenge and covered the distance required, we want you to take pride in what you've accomplished. Tell people what you've done and let us know too. Send your evidence to us and we can get your awards ready to be delivered. Simply send a .jpeg or other image file showing your monthly totals to  

Examples of suitable images are shown below. We will also contact you should we need further verification. 

Step 4

You will receive your medal, certificate and goodies by post. Wear your medal with pride and show the World what you've achieved! 

You can send us a screenshot of your total miles for evidence.

You can send us a screenshot of your total miles for evidence.

challenge verification


Once you have completed the challenge, send us an image that shows you have completed the monthly total. If you are in our Strava club, just send us an email.


We will check the image file and confirm your achievement.

The medal (and optional t-shirt) will be delivered within 5 working from the end of the challenge month if data is submitted by the end of the month. Please make sure you send your .jpeg proof to by the 10th of the following month to qualify for a winners pack. 


We want to celebrate your success

You can use our social media channels to share your achievements with other members. We love photos of shiny, happy people.... (holding hands is optional).


Do I need to sign up for a set distance each month?

No. We offer you the option of covering 25/50/100/150 or 200 miles plus each month. When you have signed up for a challenge, you can then decide how much distance you want to cover. This means you can flexible in how you complete YOUR challenge: so if you are feeling great then you can do more; or satisfied with your distance then you can claim your winners pack at that distance. Your medal and certificate will reflect the distance award that you have achieved in the month.

I entered the challenge and I am struggling to find motivation. Can I have a refund?

Firstly, check out our social media pages and articles for advice. They should help you to stay motivated. Try running with a group and get others involved to keep you engaged in the challenge. Look at some of the videos we have put on our Youtube channel, which should provide inspiration. We can't offer refunds due to a lack of motivation. You signed up to the challenge so come on - let's get this done! A quitter never wins and a winner never quits! Be a winner...think of the medal at the end of this challenge.

How do you verify that I have completed the monthly challenge?

We ask you to supply a .jpeg or other image file so we can check your monthly totals.  Image files should be sent to

Please include your name so we can verify your data.

I do some running and walking on a treadmill. Do you accept this?

Yes we do. In order for this to show up on your monthly totals, please add this as a manual entry to your tracking app. Any running/walking activity counts.

I'm going to enter and register miles in my car. How will you check?

Fitwins medals carry merit and are a reward for an amazing effort. Any effort to demerit the medal and awards will be dealt with accordingly - no medal and no refund. Sadly you are not a winner but a cheat but don't worry, we won't shame you. We don't want you getting this type of publicity.