March 2020 appalachian trail virtual challenge

Get motivated, get fit and be a winner with our Appalachian Trail Challenge this March.

Sign up, enter the challenge and complete your challenge distance of 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175 or 200+ miles in one month. On completion of the challenge you will receive an awesome medal (see below), personalised certificate and nutritional products from our partners (TRIBE energy/protein bar and  a 5 pack of Revvies energy strips). The medal is awesome and will reflect the challenge distance you achieve during the month. 

One person will also win a pair of 361 running shoes in our promotional prize draw for our March challenge. All prices are inclusive of postage with no additional charges.  

Unique Limited Edition Medal

In your pack (£14 entry). Awesome medal and more...

In your pack (£14 entry). Awesome medal and more...


Your medal will have a special ribbon for the miles (25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200) that you complete during March.

In your pack (£14 entry). Awesome medal and more...

In your pack (£14 entry). Awesome medal and more...

In your pack (£14 entry). Awesome medal and more...


Awesome medal, personalised certificate, Tribe bar plus a 5 pack of Revvies. 25/50/75/100/125/150/175/200 mile medals.

the challenge

You choose to run 25/50/75/100/125/150/175 or 200 miles plus during the month of March. This challenge is based on the Appalachian Trail (USA), which is the longest hiking or running only footpath in the world, ranging from Maine to Georgia and covering 2200 miles. We don't expect you to cover 2200 miles in one month - anything over 25 miles will enable you to complete the challenge. The route is based on the southernmost end of the Appalachian Trail, finishing in Georgia at Springer Mountain. You can view the route in detail by clicking on the interactive map below.

Again, we have awesome medals, certificates and extra goodies for your winners packs. Once you have completed the distance you wish to achieve, you simply send us a .jpeg to verification@fitwins, as explained here.

We like to choose unique virtual routes and share geographical facts about the routes that we use.

The Appalachian Trail, or AT, stretches more than 2,000 miles along the US East Coast.

The longest marked trail in the country runs from Georgia to Maine. It connects 14 states and passes through ridges and valleys of the Appalachian mountain range.  Each year, thousands of people attempt to hike the entire AT. Only one in four succeeds.  You can find out more about the AT by clicking here.

Virtual challenges? What are they? We select a distance and link to a global location - a virtual route. We select different challenges each month and design a bespoke, limited edition medal. All medals will reflect our challenge selection, are unique, and will be a great addition to your medal collection. Our challenges.

Fun fact: The Battle of Marathon involved a runner called Pheidippides running from Marathon to Athens to deliver news of a Greek victory over an invading Persian army. Lots of people run marathons in places all over the world and dedicate themselves to running a marathon (which is based on the distance from Marathon to Athens). You don't need to be in Marathon, Greece to run one.

Similarly, for our challenges, whether you complete the distance on the treadmill, use your local running route, or walk the distance with friends...we don't mind as long as you cover your distance. We'll send you your awesome 'Appalachian Trail Challenge' medal when you've done it. It's awesome...just like you!


You can view our virtual challenge route in detail by clicking on the map image.



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