summer 26.2 CHALLENGE

Get fit and be a winner with our Virtual Summer Marathon supported by 361° - #beyondexpectations

Choose to run a distance of 26.2 miles (the marathon distance) IN TOTAL during the month of June in our summer 26.2 challenge. Stay, active, GET FIT AND BE A WINNER. ALL participants who complete the challenge will receive an awesome 26.2 medal, personalised certificate, plus a TRIBE nutrition product.  We also have FOUR FANTASTIC PRIZES from 361° for FOUR people who complete the challenge. Four people will receive the following in our promotional challenge prize draw:

361° RUNNING SHOES, RUNNING TEE, RUNNING VEST, SHORTS, BUFF, CAP, SOCKS, SUNGLASSES, 3/4 ZIP TOP AND WATER BOTTLE (see image below). For prize draw rules see below.

Our medal design team have created an awesome medal, 80mm, our largest yet, with a gold finish to celebrate your achievements this summer. 

Unique Limited Edition Summer Marathon Medal

Unique Limited Edition Summer Marathon Medal

Unique Limited Edition Summer Marathon Medal


80mm gold finish -our largest yet. An awesome medal to celebrate your 26.2 miles achievement.

Promotional Prizes

Unique Limited Edition Summer Marathon Medal

Unique Limited Edition Summer Marathon Medal


Promotional Prize Draw Rules

All participants who enter and complete a minimum of 26.2 miles in June will be entered into our promotional prize draw to win one of FOUR fantastic  361° kit bundles. After entering the challenge, you will receive a unique four digit order ID with your confirmation (numbered from 1000 onwards). On Wednesday the 15th July at 7pm GMT, in our live FITWINS RUNNING CLUB SHOW, we will choose the four lucky winners from all participants, under promotional prize draw rules, using a random number generator, approved by MIT. Everyone who completes the challenge will receive an awesome medal, personalised certificate, plus a nutrition product in their pack from our partners.




A marathon is one of the greatest challenges on the planet. 26.2 miles is a distance that you can complete your own way, at your own pace. You might choose to go all out beast mode and do it in one go. You might do it over different activities, but how you do the challenge is down to you. Let's see what you can do!

Some people choose to set a target of their total time taken over their runs. Eg. Adding up their time for 4 x 10k efforts (6.2 miles) then a final 1.4 mile blast! Whether your target is sub 2 hrs (at present Kipchoge hasn't entered!) or sub 5 hours, we're all trying to complete our own personal goals, and that's what FITWINS is here to do. Motivate you to believe, achieve and succeed. You also get some awesome bling, personalised certificate and goodies in your pack. We've also gone super size with this medal. 361° are also supporting this challenge and we have some superb prizes to be won (4 pairs of running shoes, tops, vests, caps, sunglasses, half-zip fleece, shorts and socks). Their running shoes are simply superb, premium quality, lightweight, cushioned and fast (which is what we love). We love the 361° Meraki 3.

How you do your 26.2 is down to you. Here are some ideas to save you the maths.

A) BEAST MODE - Complete in one go! (not recommended but we can't stop the extreme people).
B) TASTY TRIPLE - 2 x 10 mile runs and one 10k (done over three activities) C) NICELY DOES IT - 1 mile, 2 miles, 3 miles, 4 miles, 5 miles, 6 miles, 5.2 miles done on alternate days
D) 10ks ARE MY THING - 4 x 10ks, then a 2 k blast
E) MILES MAKE SMILES (great to keep people consistently active - 1 mile every day for 26 days, (OH - and 0.2 on the end!)

If you haven't entered yet, there are limited places available. SIGN UP HERE



We have lots of unique virtual challenges based on real global running routes. Win awesome medals and promotional prizes.